Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mainstream horror films are like f***ing soap operas!

Put horror in space, put horror underwater, put horror in the past or future, just stop putting horror in f***ing melodramas already! BYZANTIUM ends with decent performances & interesting set pieces but it takes forever to go anywhere & the totality of it is just a retelling of the vampire lore without adding much. If I see another brooding Nosferatu, I swear I will just punch it in the effin face (male or female). 

But then I saw CURSE OF CHUCKY and I was reminded of why 80s horror films kicked a**! It doesn't miss a beat in entertaining you from the get-go with either humor or tension, and some of the camera moves/angles in this film are f***ing genius. Really great film that's not desperate to be overly clever or or serious or relevant or even shocking - it just entertains as it should.

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