Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I Will Make You Mine: Surrogate Valentine 3

So I have this strange passive relationship with the SURROGATE VALENTINE films. My name appears in the credits of both movies so far (including the sequel DAYLIGHT SAVINGS), mostly because I sent my Japanese film students to go work on the productions (in probably the same way a parent sends their kids off to boarding school). But many of the films I've shot also shared screen space with the SURROGATE series at various festivals, so they've rotted a soft nostalgic spot in my rock of a heart. All that said, I'm most excited to see how the film looks being lensed on the RED Helium Monochrome camera which is quite apropos since all the other films were post-processed to black and white (if I'm not mistaken). So give and let live I say - support the film in its becoming! #facebook

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